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“I sprained both ankles and was a very active person.    I was referred to a franchised physical therapy center near my home by my general practitioner.   I attended one previously and noted that there was not the one-on-one care aspect nor the experienced professionals that I thought I needed to get myself back on my feet.   Instead I heard about the care given by Advanced Physical Therapy and Chiropractic of Atco and urged my doctor to review my benefits so I could become a patient of Advanced.

I am glad I did.   It made a difference in the speed in which I recovered as well as the overall pain management and information I garnered about my general health.  In the course of my physical therapy, Dr. Joseph Clements and Kenneth Field, MSPT, who reviewed my case, discovered that I had broken my leg, not just sprained my ankles.  My broken ankle was overlooked on x-rays.  Through intense, one on one physical therapy, I recovered approximately one month shorter than predicted. 

Advanced Physical Therapy and Chiropractic is a well maintained, state of the art center for rehabilitation, chiropractic care and massage therapy.    Dr. Clements hires Chiropractors and Physical Therapist  caring, professionals without peer.   I highly recommend them.”

Rita Christensen